The Airbrush Artist

This is part of my Forever Grateful project.
As I was selling my home and placing my business on hi
atus for a period of time, I took portraits of about 30 people who influenced my career over the past 12 years. This was my way of saying “Thanks” and letting everyone know that I couldn’t have done it without their support.


I hate to be repetitive with my gratitude letters to my make-up artist (Veronica, Hilda & Jenna). But you too have been a joy to work with. Your skills with make-up and hair are phenomenal and your ability to communicate and have fun with my clients has always put their minds at ease.

And when my clients sometimes find my weird and funny stories boring, you are always laughing at them which has always made me feel good.

You’re the best and I am thankful that you been a part of my business for so many years.

Forever grateful,


The Story Behind the Shoot:

When Carole works with me, she is there to help make my clients look their best. She often comes in excited about the creative body painting and airbrushing projects she works on. I asked if she would be able to airbrush something creative onto herself for this shoot, but instead, she asked me if for her portrait she could airbrush me!?! We discussed the possibilities of what that would be.

Over the years of shooting actor headshots, celebrity portraits, and weddings, people have often asked me “What, above all else, do you like to photograph?” and I always quickly respond with, “Trees… because they never tell me that they look fat.”

Now, I’m not an exhibitionist, so I still wore some underwear (you’re welcome), but this has to be the most vulnerable photo I’ve ever had of myself. In fact, I was definitely sucking in my gut because I was afraid that later on I was going to tell myself that I look fat. Irony.

Blake Gardner - Make-up by Carole Soueidan & Suzi Hale - Photo by Blake Gardner Photography
Blake Gardner – Make-up by Carole Soueidan & Suzi Hale – Photo by Blake Gardner Photography

We took some photos of Carole sitting under the tree she created because this portrait is really supposed to be more about her and her work… plus, it gave me something else to look at rather than my own body.

Thanks to John Burton who found my branches for me, Eddie Perez for assisting me on the shoot by driving my painted body to the location and taking the photos, and Suzi Hale for working along side Carole to turn me into a tree.

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3 thoughts on “The Airbrush Artist

    1. I really have you to thank for this Veronica lane ! Without you I would’ve never met Blake !! He’s always been sush a proffesional and a stand up person!

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