The Legacy of Darron West

I was asked to interview the friends, family and coworkers of a man who recently lost his battle with Leukemia. I could have made a 1-1.5 hour film out of the amazing stories everyone shared.

During the interviews, I was astonished to find out that, while in prison, Darron was a Nazi Lowrider. But after his release and healing from addiction, he truly changed his ways and his heart. I thought moving past racism was going to be a main theme of this video, but the goal was to inspire others to give back and to realize change is possible, so much of those parts of the interviews were left out. But maybe I’ll do another edit where I just focus on racism reform.

I never met Darron, but through the interviews, I realize that he and I had a similar sense of humor. This video was shown at his “celebration of life” last weekend. The people who knew him said the way I edited it, really captured his essence. And though I never knew him, his story has left me feeling inspired and hopeful that change is possible.


Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

A big thanks to Rob Houle for providing most of the music. (the first 4 songs in the video)

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